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  • .22 Cal Mag, LR, Long and Short

  • .25 Cal/ACP

  • .32 Auto, Long, Short

  • .357 (Non Mag)

  • .38 SPL

  • .380 ACP

  • 9 MM

  • 10 MM

  • .40 Cal

  • .44 (Non Mag)

  • .45 ACP

No +P or +P+ Ammo

No Steel Projectiles

No Reloaded Ammo

.22 LR Conversion kits for AR-15/CAR-15's available for rent, $5.00



Think  Safety   First!

  1. All firearms will be unloaded and cased or bagged until in the FIRING BOOTH.

  2. Always point firearm down RANGE.

  3. Always keep your fnger off the trigger until ready to fire at your target.

  4. Always wear hearing and eye protection when in the RANGE.

  5. Cease firing if RED CEASE FIRE LIGHT comes on!

  6. Always unload and case or bag your firearm when finished shooting and are leaving RANGE.

  7. Smoking or use of tobacco products are not permitted in RANGE.

  8. The RANGE OFFICER is in charge and his commands will be followed.

  9. If you experience a malfunction or jamming of your firearm, lay it on the shooting bench pointed down range signal the RANGE OFFICER to assist you, keep weapon on the shooting bench pointed down range.

  10. Only one person is allowed in the shooting booth at any one time.

  11. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy with your firearm or notice anyone else having a problem, notify the RANGE OFFICER IMMEDIATELY.

  12. Return rented hearing and eye protection after leaving the Range.

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